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Jul 31, 2008 at 04:01 PM

passing a value in report


i have a stored procedure for the data set, this is my issue

i have debits and payments stored in one table, they only way to retrieve both types is to select either the voucher key or the receipt key. this is my sql where statement


(Pr_Voucher_Status_1."Voucher_number" = '66977' OR

Pr_Voucher_Status_1."po_recpt_key" = '66977')

i dont want to pass a specific value. i would like it to retrieve all records is the voucher is = to the po.

i can retrieve the data if i use an or statement IF PARAMETER = FIELD THEN TRUE in the select expert and pass a paramter value through. I dont want to use either field for a parameter value, what i need to do is some how say in the stored procedure or a crystal selection to retreive all records.

i thought about passing an array, but cant use the formula in

the record selection.

i hope this is clear and someone can help. im stumped