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Count dimension with filter on another count

Mar 08 at 09:18 AM


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Hi everyone.

I want to count the number of files which have a number of customer >=2 and have the total amount.

I've tried some formula with Sum, Count, with a variable but I can't have the result as I want.

My first column is a simple dimension [A]

My second Column is a calculated column is calculated Count[B]

My third is an indicator [C].

Someone know how to get the results of number of files >=2 and the total amount associated ?


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1 Answer

Mar 08 at 09:24 AM

Create Amount as dimension variable and then use like

=Sum([V Amount]) where ([No of Customers]>=2) foreach ([ID Files])

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I've tried, but it's doing #MULTIVALUE with this formula


try with adding dimension object in foreach which you have used to calculate "number of customers"


I tried but this time I've blank cell (no result).

The formula I've made is
= Sum([V Amount]) where (Count([ID Customer])>=2) foreach ([ID Customer]) and there is no result.


Wrong formula before, but this doesn't work also
= Sum([V Amount]) where (Count([ID Customer])>=2) foreach ([ID Files]) and there is no result.


what is ID's not there in the screenshot..if you can update the screenshot with all object available then i can try my side and let you know the solution.


ID Customer is a dimension I used in the screenshot in the second column, it's Count(ID Customer) (Count[B]), each Files has 1 or more customer.

I made a variable which execute If(Count(ID Customer)>=2;"True";"False").
But each time I confirm the syntax, it converted it in Indicator (instead of Dimension) and I don't know why. And after, when i made a filter on "True", I have the line I want. But next, when I execute the code Count(ID Files), the result is the total of files, not only thus which have >=2 customers.