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Jul 31, 2008 at 03:15 PM

Footer table and loop



Invoice Smartforms:

I create main window with an table with header and footer.

In this table they are a loop to the different billing item.

In this loop, i addition the price of the different billing item and i insert this total in each page in the footer.

-He addition the price of the different billing in the page and addition the price of the billing who break in the next page.

because the event of the footer is at page break.

How can i do for he calculate the price in the page (before the next billing item break in the next page)?

in my loop i have that : I need to detect break page in the loop.

var_montant = GS_IT_KOND_W-KWERT.
var_remise = var_remise2.

var_somme = var_somme + var_montant + var_remise.

if SFSY-PAGE = 1.
  var_somme_page1 = var_somme - GS_IT_KOND_W-KWERT + var_remise.

In page 1: var_somme_page1 have the good price but i have different page in function of billing items.

Thanks for your help.