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How to Select only specific list of values from User reponse input for webi report

Mar 08 at 07:53 AM


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HI All,

how to select only specific list values from use response input in webi reports ?

Billing type input =UserResponse([Reporting Elements];"billing type") i had 1,2,3,4 as list of values for billing type .

But i want to select only (1 or 2) OR (1 and 2 ) basing on user input billing type i want to calculate amount

=If(Pos([billing type input];[billing type])( I need to specify (1 or 2) OR (1 and 2 ));[Amount];0)



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Koen Hesters Mar 08 at 09:34 AM


The result of the userresponse is a one cell list of all the selected values

variable : Userresponse =UserResponse("State")

To be able to work with those values we need to be able to capture them all in a different cell

variable : One =Substr (UserResponse("State");0; (Pos(UserResponse("State");";"))-1)

variable: One_rest =Substr (UserResponse("State");(Pos(UserResponse("State");";"))+1;9999)

variable: Two =Substr ([One_rest];0; Pos([One_rest];";")-1)

variable: Three =Substr ([One_rest];Pos([One_rest];";")+1;9999)

This solution will only work with a max of 3 inputted values, but no worries you can extend as long as you want by creating more variables (repeat the one_rest for two becoming two_rest and so on and on)

Finally you can capture it all together

variable: Check_in_userlist_or_not =If [State] = [One] Then "IN" ElseIf [State] = [Two] Then "IN" ElseIf [State] = [Three] Then "IN" Else "OUT"


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