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How we can block or stop order being saved if stock not available

Mar 08 at 06:07 AM


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How we can block or stop order being saved if stock not available

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G Lakshmipathi

Thank you so much sir , I get many solutions through your posts really i learned a lot from you

A Big thanks

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Former Member Mar 09 at 02:50 PM

Hi Ravi,

The standard SAP does not meet this requirement. That is why, if there is not sufficient stock, creation of sales order could be prevented via modification before save it. Something like below illustrated code parts could be written.

Include: MV45AFZZ


Data lv_labst like labst.


Select labst from MARD into lv_labst

where matnr EQ xvbap-matnr AND

werks EQ xvbap-werks AND

lgort EQ xvbap- lgort.

IF lv_labst LT xvbap-kwmeng.

Message '' There is not sufficient stock etc" type 'E'. ** or a message could be created via SE91**




Engin Karaboğa

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Jürgen L
Mar 09 at 04:42 PM

This whole intention has no logic in a sense of a ERP system.

How would MRP run be enabled to create requirements for production or procurement if no demand was entered?

And even if you do planning manually, how would a planner know what he has to produce if there are no sales orders visible?

And how long could you hold the customers order unprocessed on a CSR desk before the customer gets impatient and is looking for another supplier?

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Would hate to be a customer of this company.

- Hello, I'd like to place an order for X items.
- Sorry, we don't have them available.
- Hm, OK but can you just take an order and then let me know when you have this?
- Computer says "no".


Thank you so much Jurgen My concern is also same , we required to capture demand for one sales org and not for another sales org

Please help us how we can achieve this .


Pretty much anything what has no logic can only be achieved with own coding in exits

Ankur Chauhan Mar 08 at 10:23 AM

Hi Ravisankar,

Your requirement cannot be fulfil by standard solution because system checks the quantity only when you are posting the material in delivery, so you have to enhance the code here with your ABAP team through user exit in VBAP table.


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