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Jul 31, 2008 at 02:24 PM

UI Element Visibility ...


Hello Friends,

I am facing a strange problem, actually I have a lable and input filed, both have visibilits property as context element ( Visibility.addressfield ). The Context node Visibility is also avaiable in 2nd view via controller ( so its mapped node i.e. Visibility is mapped node). So far things works fine i.e from 1st view where actually the lable and input field is, I can regulate the visiblity in the 2nd view. And after some processing when I come back in 1st view and try to set the visiblity.none its not working..... the UI element are still visible in first view, I tried following to make it none.

OR tried like this as well


Buth both ways, in debug it shows me the visiblity none, but the element are still visible ..... any idea how I can fix it ??

Thanks and regards,