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Website Crystal Report works most times but now and then fails with 'Invalid report file path' error

Mar 08 at 04:34 PM


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The server is Windows server 2008 E2 standard 64 bit with SAP Crystal reports runtime engine version installed ( both 32 bit and 64 bit )

The website is written using VS2010 targeted at .net 4

The running of the crystal report works fine initially but after a while ( perhaps under load)

the ReportDocument.load throws the error 'Invalid Report Path' and the report ceases to work. Any subsequent attempt to run the report produces the same error. Re-publishing the web site fixes the issue and the report works again.

I can reproduce the error by repeatedly running the report in quick succession. After 20 or 30 tries it fails as per above. I attach a procmon display recorded at the time of such an error which was 1.24 website-error.png. I attach a copy of the error.crystal-reports-error.png I attach a section from the WebConfig filewebconfig.txt I also attach the code behind that calls the Crystal report crystalreportaspx.txt.

I query the webconfig entry "<add verb="GET" path="CrystalImageHandler.aspx"" as I have no such filefolder in my web solution and I see that in procmon there are PATH NOT FOUND errors re events which are looking for such a file/path

The website also seems to be searching for Webconfig in all the wrong places as well

e.g. D:\Websites\Exide Business Services\ForkliftBatteryRegisterDataEntry.aspx\web.config and

D:\Websites\Exide Business Services\UserControl\web.config all producing PATH NOT FOUND error's

Any Help would be appreciated

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2 Answers

Don Williams
Mar 08 at 04:39 PM

Be sure to use Sessions and Postback to keep the report in scope and close and dispose of the reports once they are done with.

IIS is bad at managing memory and MS recommends to cycle it often to clean up the memory. CR requires contiguous blocks of memory and MS is not capable of defragging memory without a reboot of cycling the app's.

To be MS compliant you should also update to the latest CR for VS SP 22.

See the WIKI for more info and read all of it, most important is the info for SP 21.


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Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. Can you help be find a VB version of KBA1985571 ?

Don Williams
Mar 13 at 04:18 PM
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