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preload SAP UI Component at the background

Hello expert

as we know if it is slow to load UI library and component when open UI 5 application initially. There are a few thread in the community on how to reduce it using cache buster etc.

now my thought on this is at certain scenario, can we run some kind of background page ( no actual App data, but after the initialization of the components). Even when an app page (with real App data and function) was closed, the background page still running ( maybe in a minimized page icon on the tool bar). so when user open the UI5 page again the loading time will be dramatically reduced.

Does anyone has implemented such things? or will it possible ?

looking forward to see your feedback and input

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  • Dont think you can do that from a browser because of security reasons. You cant install/start an app or background opperation from a browser. EDIT: unless you have installed a app on the device with a predefined protocol like myRandomProtocol://

    HTTP is a stateless protocol, so we cant save a "state running in background".

    I think this is what SAPUI5 is already doing. If you code it that way. add a fragment inn the onInit function. Open and add data to it on click. Close it on a click, dont remove it. It is there in "the background". Correct me if i am wrong plz.

    Also javascript is a single thread language, so not much to get from javascript having something running in the background.

    Unless you are using something like:

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