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Which SAP certification suits best for an experienced ABAP developer?

Mar 07 at 07:35 PM


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I am interested in taking SAP certification which emphasizes on S/4 HANA. Which certification suits best for an ABAP developer, to keep in pace with the changing SAP trends? Please share your suggestions.

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After you chose your certification let us know !

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2 Answers

Jelena Perfiljeva
Mar 07 at 08:12 PM

Google -> "which certificate is good for me" -> 7920 results.

It's not possible to answer such question without understanding what exactly you're trying to achieve and why. As far as "which certification will provide me with 100% guaranteed employment, high salary, and eternal job security" the answer is "none", I'm afraid.

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Former Member

Hi Jelena,

Thank you! I am close to 7 year experienced in SAP ABAP and in order to align myself to the growing trend and grow professionally, I am looking to take up certification, may be related to ABAP on HANA. But not sure, which one would be better.


There was a blog posted just the other day that might provide some food for thought:

I don't have any certifications personally and see no value in them whatsoever (unless you're a consultant), especially without a documented experience, so can't help on that specific aspect. There are plenty of posts on this in Google though, as mentioned.


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G Lakshmipathi
Mar 08 at 09:00 AM

Since you already have 7 years of experience in ABAP, you can try for Fiori

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