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Jul 31, 2008 at 11:32 AM

Planning Key figure with type integer


Hello Guys,

My planners enter a yearly value and afterwards the value is distributed to 12 month. Some of the values are small e.g. 1. I want to have as result 1/12 = 0.08333. But the distribution by keys moves the value 1 to month June.??? All other month contain zero.

I have following settings in the Planning Function:

- Selected all Key Figures

- Condition: Fiscal year 2008

- Top-down distribution u2013 Distribute All

- From: ALL

- To: 001.2008-012.2008

- Faktor: 100

The Key figures are defined as data type integer, Aggregation SUM and Summation. I suppose my problem is that data type integer is only for whole numbers without decimal places. If yes is it possible to convert my Key Figure from type integer to number? Any ideas how to solve the problem also welcome.

I know about the solution to create new Key Figures and replace the old ones in my Planning Layout. But the old Key Figures are also used in our Monthly Reporting used by the bussiness and I would not like to change these Reports.

Thanks in advance.