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Jul 31, 2008 at 11:27 AM

Loop with 0..unb.-item and message mapping in BP


Hi all,

Following specification:

I get a message into my business process that contains u201Citemsu201D with occurrence 0..unbounded.

For every u201Citemu201D I need to call an RFC and insert data into several DB tables.

Thought about handling all that in a loop. As long as there are items there would be a loop and inside the loop there is a message mapping that maps the next item. Then there are the send steps in a certain order and so on.

Unfortunately that doesnu2019t work.

I get an infinite loop even though the condition is an element inside u201Citemu201D and itu2019s marked as multiline.

The mapping doesnu2019t work as well because it always maps the first item. (Of course it does and I don't know how to force it to map the next item.)

Maybe my approach is generally wrong?

How would you guys solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!