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Planning Horizon - 1 Day

Mar 07 at 12:51 PM


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Hi ,

I have forecast requirement of 5 days as below.

1st Jan 2018 - 10 Qty.

2nd Jan 2018 -11 Qty,

3rd Jan 2018 - 12 Qty.

4th Jan 2018 - 13 Qty.

5th Jan 2018 - 14 Qty.

Let us assume , I am running MRP on 1st Jan 2018 .

I would like to restrict MRP so that MRP must create procurement proposal of 1st Jan 2018 only and should not create any procurement proposal for the forecast requirement of 2nd Jan 2018 on words.

How to achieve this ?

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Caetano Almeida
Mar 07 at 05:08 PM


Maybe you can have two different versions of forecast, one active with only one day of validity, and one inactive with the rest of your forecast.

Then everyday you can run program RM60FORC to copy one day of the inactive forecast to the active version, before the MRP run.

Otherwise, you can use a BAdI to make independent requirements not relevant to MRP. See this blog for details:



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Dear Caetano,

Thanks for your reply.

I am creating forecast through MP30 t code using material master consumption history available in Forecasting view.

Hence I am not using any active and inactive version of forecast.

How to implement your suggetion , could you please elaborate more on required action .





In the forecast view you can restrict the number of forecast periods to 1, so that you will only have one day of forecast relevant to MRP. Otherwise, you can use a BAdI to restrict the forecast requirements relevant to MRP.