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Gray out vendor field for RTP process while doing GR

Mar 07 at 12:10 PM


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I have created material TRAY with material type LEIH. Created PO with real material

When I do GR for this PO,real material detail appears,then I click ''transport equipment'' to enter 'return material TRAY to vendor',qty.But I am not able to enter vendor number,it was gray-out as shwon below.With out entering vendor I am not able to post and system throws error message.

Any tips please?

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Jürgen L
Mar 07 at 12:19 PM

A 501 movement has no reference to a PO, just look at its description. So I wonder how you could do a receipt with this movement type in reference to a PO.

Someone of your colleagues must have messed up your system and changed the field selection for movement 501 in OMCJ, opened the PO reference field and closed the vendor field. Kindly check the change history in your development system and get in contact with this other user before you make any changes which may affect this design

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Thank you Jurgen.

In GR,I entered PO for real material and clicked 'transport equipment' to enter returnable material(TRAY) details.When I click transport Equipment ,system shows movement type 501 M.

Even I suppressed vendor field in OMCJ,still system throws error

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Mohamed Ismail

you must not suppress the vendor in OMCJ


whether I supress vendor field or not ,still i am not able to enter vendor for movement type 501 M.