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How to Debug std RFFOUS_C report during payment run F110?

Mar 06 at 07:47 PM


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Hi Experts,

I have an requirement for which i have customized RFFOUS_C report to Z, and now i am modifying the code based on my requirement, but the issue here is i am unable to debug the program during payment run method using F110. Basically i am in need to debug and understand the control flow of the RFFOUS_C program, so that i can modify code accordingly.

below are the ways i have tried to debug,

1. Using session break points,

2. Using external break points

3. Writing BREAK-POINT explicitly in code

4. Break point using Menu baar SYSTEM-->UTILITIES-->DEBUG ABAP.

none of the above allows me to debug the RFFOUS_C report.

Can anyone suggest me how to debug the same during payment run ?

Thanks in Advance.


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2 Answers

Ramesh Babu Srikakollu Mar 07 at 12:19 AM

Hello Thanveer,

We also had the similar issue, tried different ways to debug but no success. We found an option to debug and might not be the right one, but it helped us.

Requested functional consultant to perform the payment proposal run through F110 and complete the steps till it reaches to print the checks and stop there. Executed this program RFFOUS_C thru SE38 and selected the variant that is used by F110 payment run and debugged.



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Wenceslaus Gnana Mar 07 at 03:30 AM

F110 submits RFFOUS_C in a background job. That's why the breakpoints won't work.

As Ramesh mentioned you can run RFFOUS_C in SE38 with the variant.

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