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Jul 31, 2008 at 08:25 AM

GR / Unit of measurement


Hi all!

I am in a tricky situation.

My client is purchasing steel rods with constant dia.,say 20 cm dia. They are sending PO's in KGS and receiving it in Meters(M). For this there is no problem since i can go ahead with standard. But the problem is that they receive the rods in different meters as below,

Say 1KGS = 1M.

PO = 1000 KG.

GR= 1000 M.

10M = 30Nos,

20M = 20 Nos,

30M = 10 Nos.

Now how can i map this unit conversion breakage during GR. Also my client needs to see the same thing during MMBE. i.e., He want to see the stock overview as below,

Material code : xxxxxx

Total Quantities : 2000 m

10 m = x Nos

20 m = x Nos

30 m = x Nos.

How can we map this.

Note : The length is not going to be std and may keep on changing like 23M, 17M, 37M, 50M etc...

Thx in advance,