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Jul 31, 2008 at 08:17 AM

Displaying BP details in PLD


I have a query that gives me records that include contact person of an input business partner. I would like to display the business partner address, etc at the top of the print layout, with the query results clearly being in the repetitive area.

I found the below on the 'Relate to' property in the 'Database source' tab of a text field. It confuses me, is this even that I want to do? I cannot get it to work. It doesn't specify where you can input the name of the 'certain bank' you need. Can anyone assist?


Propertiesu2013 General tab, Database fields

Relate to

This option is relevant for special scenarios only and requires knowledge of SQL.

This field is used for retrieving data related to key records found in tables other than the

table linked as default to the current print template.

A key record is a field used as a primary key in a certain table. This key record functions

as the identifier of the record, and, therefore, it is required to retrieve any additional data

related to it.

If you need to print the name of a certain bank, which is not linked to the

table used in the current print template, you must first create a Text field of

Database source type using the required table and select a key record,

such as Bank Code.

Then, you need to create an additional Text field of Database source type.

Select the table again, select the required column (such as Bank Name),

and enter the unique ID of the field with the key record in the Relate to


There might be two or more key records in the same table. In such a case,

these two key records are both required for retrieving the data.