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Date search after converting String to Date

Mar 06 at 02:11 PM


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Hi All,

I'm new to CR so easy to got lost and confused. I have a field that is a BookingDate in a string format. there are some blanks and also "unbooked". I have written in Select Expert - Record

{tblReport_Current_Pregnancy_10.BookingDate} <> "" and
{tblReport_Current_Pregnancy_10.BookingDate} <> "unbooked"

This works so that all I am left with is a string in "dd/MM/yyyy". However, I need to do a search to and from with this and this is where I get lost. I have looked and many forums and seen lots of advice which all seems good but none works or maybe I'm doing it in the wrong places. I normally just do a parameter (?DateSearch) but I want it to be a date not a string. As I'm using CR2016, I dont need the date to and from part as I change the Option Allow range values to true.

This is a major problem as 50% of my reports will be dealing with the Booking Date. any tips welcome but i may need it simplified to where i do things to.


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Abhilash Kumar
Mar 06 at 02:59 PM

Hi Paddy,

Assuming you have a Date Range prompt in the report, you'd need to modify the selection formula to:

isDate({tblReport_Current_Pregnancy_10.BookingDate}) AND
Date({tblReport_Current_Pregnancy_10.BookingDate}) IN {?Date Range Prompt}


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I have added it in with no errors into the Formula Field (@DateConvert) butthere is no tick at the side.

the Parameter Field DateSeach has a green tick as i've added it to the report but it dosn't select the dates i've choosen.

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I have just used it in the Select Expert Record and not the formula field and it worked.

Very Greatful Abhilash