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IDM 8.0 with BW/4 HANA: DBMS Tab on SU01 screen

Mar 06 at 01:43 PM


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We are integrating SAP Identity Management (IDM) 8.0 with BW/4 HANA. We are able to create/delete accounts and assign access with the standard ABAP and HANA connectors successfully.

We would like to utilize an IdM connector to update the DBMS tab in tcode SU01. We have not figured this piece out and looking for ideas or how it can be done? Ideally, we would like to update any of the editable DBMS fields via IDM. We are wanting to reduce the number of calls to backend systems (ABAP versus ABAP/HANA) for creating the DBMS user/authentication methods.

We realize program RSUSR_DBMS_USERS can be run periodically to do this in BW/4. We were wanting to do this real time or at user creation via IdM (rather than scheduling a background job).

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3 Answers

JON PRYOR Mar 06 at 04:28 PM

Additional Information: "DBMS User" is automatically populated when the account is created manually in BW/4. The field does not populate when the account is created from IdM.

Tried looking for a BAPI in objects SU_USER (ex. BAPI_USER_CREATE) and SUSR_IDENTITY. I didn't see any standard function modules or BAPI's here that could be utilized.

Thanks in advance.

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Matt Pollicove
Mar 07 at 02:01 PM

Hey JP,

I don't have a direct answer to this, but maybe an approach...

How is this done normally? Is it a parameter or something like that (more analogy than example)

Once you understand this, you should be able to model this into something that IDM can do.

Hope it helps...


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Thanks, Matt. SAP has confirmed this is not supported (to update the DBMS tab in SU01 from IdM at this time). We will be utilizing program RSUSR_DBMS_USERS in the back-end system to run occasionally. This will be easier with no customizations needed.

I was curious if there was another way via IdM without to much customization/coding.


Well there are always workarounds. As you know 80% of the answers are documented, the other 20% are invented. :)

You could do a disconnected process if you could update those values via XI or something like that. Have IDM dump to a file / table and then have XI do the rest.

Roland Kramer
May 02 at 02:02 PM

Did you check the Document - SAP First Guidance – complete functional scope (CFS) for SAP BW/4HANA for the activation of the DBMS Tab in SU01?

Best Regards Roland

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