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SAP Analytics Cloud - Using Linked Models within a Geomap

Mar 06 at 01:08 PM


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Hi there

I have a transactional table (#1) of Sales data. One field is Country ID. I want to map those sales geospatially.

I have another table (#2) that contains Country ID and Lat & Longditudes.

I have successfully linked the two tables (models) by Country ID.

In Table #2 I have created a Country Location dimension using the Lat/Long coordinates.

However in Story mode I cannot use Table #1 AND Table #2 when i try to create a GeoMap. I can only use one OR the other.

In other objects (bar charts etc.) I am able to use the linked table fields...

What am I doing wrong? How can I map data in one Table using coordinate data in a linked Table?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Rob - what is your data source? Some limitations are listed here but not sure about your data source or how are you using it

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Tammy Powlas

Hi Tammy

Thanks for replying. I am just using a couple of single sheet Excel files at present, so no HANA complexities are involved (yet!)



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Julian Jimenez
Mar 06 at 04:28 PM

Hi Rob,

You are not doing anything wrong. As it is designed, when you select a Geo Map it only allows you to select measures from the model with the locations, even if you link models. As you mentioned, other type of charts don't have this limitation and you can display measures from a different model.

There is already an idea that is similar to what you need:

If if doesn't exactly reflect what you need, you can create your own so product management is aware of the request:



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Thanks Julian - good to know !