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Price difference between PO and MIRO in local currency

Mar 06 at 01:00 PM


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I am adding delivery costs in local currency - in AZN, but document currency is USD. When creating invoice - MIRO in local currency, system does not take the same amount from PO. 0.01 amount difference occurs between them in MIRO.

do you have any suggestions to solve it?

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Give a real example to allow others to re-calculate the case.


in PO Header condition tab page, I am adding several conditions:

Freight costs - 100 AZN

But document currency is USD. (PB00 is 150 USD)

Customs and Freight costs must be paid in AZN. When Invoice is created in AZN currency, systems does not take delivery cost amount the same as PO. It takes Freight costs like 99.99 AZN or 100.01 AZN.

The same applies for MIGO too. If am doing GR before IR, system post 99.99 AZN to Freight clearing account instead of 100 AZN.

I think it is because of currency conversion. because in PO system converts AZN to USD when adding conditions. then in MIGO sytem again converts currency back from USD to AZN. How can I change it that system must not convert it

Thanks in advance !

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3 Answers

Jürgen L
Mar 06 at 01:56 PM

see if the fix from OSS note 1454088 - MIRO: Currency conversion of freight costs can solve your issue

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Thanks Jurgen for your reply. But This OSS Note is related to old version of SAP-APPL component (600-606). But in our system SAP-APPL component is release 617 SP 06.

Gourav Jain Mar 09 at 11:20 AM

Hi ,

According to me the Price difference occurs due to change in Exchange Rate conversion currency which is maintained in OB08.

Can u pls share the screenshot for better understanding

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This is USD/AZN ex.rate

This is AZN/USD ex rate


Do you think if it is correctly maintained ?

Vusal Mamiyev Mar 13 at 10:09 AM

We checked all packages and related customising, all of them are OK. But problem is not solved.

Do you have any other suggestions ? Thanks in advance!

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