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Jul 30, 2008 at 08:24 PM

table control is not working..



i am trying this for long !! please do help me..

1. created a screen with a table control using the wizard.

2. created a push button under that with function code = NEW.

3. in the screen's PBO, wrote a module to fetch the data and populate the table. (working fine).

4. user selects multiple lines and clicks on the push button.

I validate the selection, if invalid, i display a message using

MESSAGE E899(F2) WITH 'selected data is invalid'.

message is displayed.. and the PBO of that screen is again called wherein the data is fetched again and populated !! how this happens i dont know !!, i had given the next screen as the same screen number , possible bcos of that ??

what i am concerned is, after the error message is displayed, the table control does not respond to to the line selection. if i click the scrollbar it works, the list scrolls up and down. but i am not able to select / deselect the lines !!

please do let me know how to solve this...can u try this in ur system and check too. i m in ECC 6.0.