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Jul 30, 2008 at 11:12 AM

LSMW - Direct Input - Sales order - item texts


Hi Gurus,

To transfert all orders from old system to new SAP system, I make this with LSMW and program RVINVB10.

The creation of header and item of orders is good but I have a problem with item texts.

In LSMW, I have create one structure et I have affected this to the struct BTEXHKOM and BTEXLKOM.

In BTEXHKOM, the field LAISO = 'FR' and TDID='ZM03' (Id of customer text).

In BTEXLKOM, the field TXTPARAGRAPH='/' and TXLINE='BLABLABLABLA' (no more 72 char).

In actions 'Read Data' and 'Convert Data', I see this two structs. But after execution of Direct Input program, I don't see text in my item of sales order.

I think I miss something.

Can you help me ???

Thanks a lot

Laurent Guilloteau