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System is generating the Duplicate Production Order in STO Process

Mar 07 at 03:06 AM


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Hi All,

System is generating the Duplicate Production Orders, for the same Sales Oder, Line Item, in STO Process with Special Procurement Key (Production in another Plant. Ex : Plant B), even with Strategy Group: 20(* Under some specific conditions).
System :S/4 HANA 1610

The below are the sequence of the Process steps, followed

  1. Created a Sales Order in the Plant A
  2. This automatically created the Planned Order in the Plant B
  3. The above Planned Order is converted to the Production Order in the Plant B
    ( by the Batch Job)
  4. Once Production Order is created, it’s getting Released automatically (In the Plant B)
  5. Now, the Sales Order , in the Plant A, is changed (Changed the Plant of the Line Item, from the Plant A to the Plant B)
  6. This changing of the Plant, is creating new Planned Order in Plant B, which is again converted to the Production Order( by the Batch Job)

    Resulting to the Creation of the 2 Production Orders in the Plant B, for the Same Sales order & Line Item

    Now the Question is: Is there any way, to restrict the Creation this New Planned Order/Production Order, in the Plant B, even though the Plant changed in the Sales Order (as in the Step 5) ?

Initially, the issue was started with the Strategy Group: 82, then we changed to the Strategy Group: 20, Even then, getting the same problem, of Duplicate Production Orders, for the same Sales Order Item ( Please find the attached screen shot, in the Plant B)

For any other details required, please let me know

Many Thanks for the quick help, in this regard
Best Regards : Raja

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Caetano Almeida
Mar 07 at 04:15 AM

Hi Raja

From the MRP perspective, there is nothing wrong in this screenshot. You have two requirements of 100, the stock transfer release and the sales order, therefore, the creation of an additional planned order is necessary to keep the stock balance.

The question here is why this stock transfer release was not deleted after you changed the sales order plant. If you run MRP in plant A, I'm quite sure that this stock transfer release will be deleted (unless it is firm), as there is no longer a requirement for it in plant A. If it is already firm, then you need to delete it manually.

Anyway, it is not a common process to simply change the sales order plant and I suggest you to tell your users to run MRP for this material and also check if there is no pending replenishment proposal for this sales order in the original plant.



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Hi Caetano,
Thanks A Lot for the kind guidance & valuable inputs.
Agree with your inputs/comments mentioned in the solution.

Thanks & Regards : Raja