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Jul 30, 2008 at 10:40 AM

Crystal Report - Oracle Connection problem on windows server 2003 64 bit


Hello ...

I am using Crystal Reports 10 with Oracle Client x64 and Visual Studio 2005 (framework .NET 2.0) on windows server 2003 x64. And I have also installed Oracle Data Access components and new service pack for Crystal report to my computer.

But I have problem in the Crystal Reports part. When I try to connect Oracle from Crystal Report, an error appears like that:

"Failed to load database information. Details: The database DLL 'crdb_oracle.dll' could not be loaded ....".

I research this error on the crystal reports forums, oracle forums, msdn forums and another places. There are some solutions for this error. I tested those. But they couldn't solve my problem.

These solutions like that :

(I give these solutions for that someone can meets that error another time and wants to solve it. May be work on him)

1) Use of brackets (parenthesis) in file / folder names in Windows (Program Files (x86)) can cause that problem.

I change the installing folder for Crystal reports and Oracle (Like Program Files x86). But it didn't work.

2) Give the full permissions to Oracle folder and Temp folder for ASPNET, NETWORK users.

I give full permissions . But it didn't work.

3) Find the CRDB_ORACLE.dll in the Crystal Reports installation folder and copy it to all bin folders in Crystal Reports path.

I do it. But it didn't work.

4) This issue is Oracle bug 3807408 and can be fixed by applying Patch 6.

I download this patch from Metalink. But it didn't work.

What can I do ? Do you have any ideas for this error ?

Or, is there anybody meets this error and solves it ?

(NOTE: I also test it with Crystal Report 11, but the result is same. Error ... )

Thanks ...