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Internal Domain Change

Mar 07 at 01:41 PM


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I recently started at an organization where they are using: name.local internally, and will soon be changing to for their domain. Since starting, I have been tasked with finding and documenting every place within our BOE 4.2 environment that will be affected.

For the most part I have found every reference; krb5.ini, custom global properties and AD Authentication.

My questions is: what adverse affects can we experience? What issues may we see with authentication barring the correct configuration of the Authentication tab in the CMC?

The URL that is used is not changing, nor is the local CMC: servername:port/BOE/CMC.

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1 Answer

Tim Ziemba
Mar 07 at 07:40 PM

even URL's will change if they are referenced by the FQDN. the krb5 entries you mentioned for domain, and KDC. You need to check the if there is any SSO or CMS name using FQDN. If there is a keytab reference then the keytab must be regenerated. The CMC > authentication > windows > default domain (should be FQDN) and AD administrator (domain\user) should be checked. SPN's also are created for the CMC and HTTP are done so with the FQDN so you will likely need to create new SPN's

The SIA created services using the FQDN, it should still work if it changes but you may want to recreate them if they have the old name for consistency.

Look through this doc for anything domain specific in case I forgot something


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