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Fail debugging callStep in SAP Integration Framework

Mar 06 at 04:38 PM


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I have a integration process organized in several levels using callStep. As an exemple:

- base scenario call some internal steps

- the internal steps can call another internal steps

Everything is working well. But if I need or want debugging all process and levels I can´t!

In SAP Integration Framework version Version 1.22.10 I only achieve debugging for the 1st callStep atom.

Considering the main flow above, if I debug and click at atom1 (2nd callStep):

[1] B1If shows the / instead the specific step called (atom1 calls RCO.CobMaisOrigem)

[2] If I click at include.step atom in callstep.bfd B1If shows a different step, not the step RCO.CobMaisOrigem called. B1If allways do drill-drawn for the 1st callStep in the main scenario. In this case, the 1st callStep in main scenario is RCO.CobMaisValidacao.

[3] If I click in any callStep in the 1st callStep showed (RCO.CobMaisValidacao), always B1If will show / and after clicking at include.step atom the same 1st callStep (RCO.CobMaisValidacao) is always showed.

The debug always show the same scenario RCO.CobMaisValidacao independently what callStep was clicked.

Is this a limitation of SAP Integration Framework or this issue already was corrected in newer version? Obs.: my version of B1If is Version 1.22.10.

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Mar 07 at 02:37 PM

Hi Rafael,

it's a limitation in the flow debugger. For each step-include a helper-bizflow (callstep.bfd) is called to prepare the call, do the call and clean up the result (e.g. you can have atom1 in the main step and in the included step which leads to confusions during runtime). You can see in the callstep.bfd that it was running 7 times (see the [7] behind the duration time) and from the concrete include only 6 times. So the error is in the included step that is called as number 7 in your main flow. The limitation as of now is that zoom-in will unfortunately always call the first included step, so you do not have a chance to flow-debug this concrete step. As for now the only chance you have is to flow-debug the step not graphical, but by opening the [Exec Details] and run through it.

We'll try to plan the support for such cases for future versions.

best - Heinz

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Thanks for your response Heinz

I will be waiting for this improvement, which will greatly facilitate the debugging of more complex scenarios.

best regards - Rafael Ogeda