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Upload products with translations with CUAN_IMPORT_SRV


I'm struggling to create products in hybris marketing via CUAN_IMPORT_SRV and immediately add their translated Name and Description.

(I use hybris marketing onpremise version 1702)

I'm trying the following load via odata but this gives me an error:

          "Id" : "",
          "Timestamp" : "2017-07-17T12:00",
          "UserName" : "VVINCKJO",
          "SourceSystemType" : "EXT",
          "SourceSystemId" : "ANY",
          "Products" : [
               "IdOrigin" : "SAP_HYBRIS_PRODUCT",
               "Id" : "TESTLANGU5",
               "Name" : "TESTLANGU5_ENG",
               "Description" : "Language5 Test English",
               "ImageUrl" : "",
               "CategoryId" : "LVT",
               "HierarchyId" : "FLOORTYPE",
               "ZZ1_Brand_MPR" : "TST"
               "IdOrigin" : "SAP_HYBRIS_PRODUCT",
               "Id" : "TESTLANGU5",
               "Name" : "TESTLANGU5_DUT",
               "Description" : "Language5 Test Nederlands",
 } ,
               "IdOrigin" : "SAP_HYBRIS_PRODUCT",
               "Id" : "TESTLANGU5",
               "Name" : "TESTLANGU5_GER",
               "Description" : "Language5 Test German",



<message>Product SAP_HYBRIS_PRODUCT TESTLANGU5 multiple times in one request; resend without duplicates</message>

So I'm wondering how I can maintain a product AND his different translated name/description.

(If I do the executions one by one, so one load with only EN, then with NL and then with DE, it does work, but that way of working is impossible to inteface as we have many products and many languages)

Can anyone help?



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1 Answer

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    Mar 06, 2018 at 04:57 PM

    Hi Joyca,

    Its the expected behavior of ODATA that it will reject multiple entries for same ID. This is valid for all imports more or less.

    You will have to in the first call make ID Creation and in the next one do translation.

    Also what you can try to do if possible is following.


    P1 NULL

    P2 P1-Translations

    P3 P2-Translations

    You will be loading data in chunks so make sure you load the first chunk without translations and in the second one create translation of first batch if that is possible, this way you will only have 1 extra load for the last translation to run.

    I am not data expert so you will have to check with your Data Service expert if something like this is even possible.



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    • Hi Joyca,

      since you are using 1702 on prem- can you try to first test the product creation and multiple descriptions in one go via the FM CUAN_PRODUCTS_POST. If the FM supports multiple translations in single call then i would suggest you try to create products via the FM itself to proceed while you can think of other options to explore on the odata side. If the same is not allowed then we know the reason why ODATA does not support it.