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Jul 30, 2008 at 08:55 AM

Search page for a Z-Table



I want to implement a search page in the BSP Workbench. I created my own component for this search page. The search page should be able to filter for criterias described in a Z-Table.

For example: The Z-Table contains the fields 'LOG_ID' and 'LOG_NAME', so I want to the serch page to be able to filter for these two fields. Since the structure is given by a Z-Table, the context node will not be derived from a BOL-entity, so it will be not a model node but a value node.

I understand, that I have to create a view with a value node that refers to the DDIC structure of my Z-Table. Unfortunately, this step is not sufficient. Doas anyone, what else I have to do? Do I have to change the superclasses of my implementation/context node classes? Is a value node not sufficient in order to create a search page, i.e. does it have to be a model node with BOL entity?

Thank you very much in adavnce for your effort.