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Stock Determination Scenario

Mar 06 at 07:38 AM


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Dear Gurus,

Due to some financial issues one of the dispatch location open in system as a storage location. Detail are below.

I have two plants 1000 and 2000, 2 storage locations in each plant 1001 finished location, and 1002 dispatch storage location, 300 km away from plant 1000. 2001 finished location for plant 2000 and 2002 dispatch storage location, 320 km away from plant 2000.

storage location 1002 and 2002 are physically same, for finished stock transfer from storage location to storage location we open it as a storage location.

- Now plant 1000 send finished material from storage location 1001 to 1002 via STO quantity 100 carton.

- Plant 2000 send finished material from storage location 2001 to 2002 via STO quantity 200 carton.

Now dispatch location have total 300 carton on hand, sales order created from the head office, but the user create the sales order don't know the stock position of that dispatch location, so he just enter the material quantity let say 250 carton and enter any plant manually (1000 or 2000) in the sales order, so in any of the plant system determine the same shipping point.

Now my requirement is that if user enter the plant 1000 on the sales order and enter the quantity 250 carton. is it possible at the time of outbound delivery creation system check the stock position of same material number on other plant (2000) with the storage location 2002, and break the line in the outbound delivery level like.

plant 1000 storage location 1002 quantity 100 carton

plant 2000 storage location 2001 quantity 150 carton

Looking for the gurus feedback, with thanks.

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2 Answers

Rosh A Mar 07 at 10:26 AM

Sales Order quantity will be confirmed upon creation through ATP check. Consider your example, total requirement is 300 Cartons (100 and 150 in different Plants). In this case, you have the possibility to choose stock from Plant other than defined in the Sales Order with the function,

Choose Sales order line item --> Check item availability --> Goto --> Other Plants --> Select Plant and then Check Plant --> Adopt Plant

Unfortunately you cannot combine the stocks of both the plants like 100 + 150 with two line items. Hope this is only possible with APO functionality and do your own search.

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Dear Prabhakar,

Keeping view my actual post, stock is determine at the outbound delivery level, no determination at sales order level.

did the solution you specify can apply on outbound delivery level, where system auto determine the stock for rest of the plant for the remaining quantity.

Looking for your feedback, with thanks.

Jelena Perfiljeva
Mar 06 at 04:33 PM

Similar questions have already been asked before but I don't recall any straight-forward solution. Google -> "delivery from multiple plants" and check the existing posts on this.

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Dear Jelena Perfiljeva,

Yes, I just change the direction just for the sake of getting good response from gurus,

Hope if you or any of my guru can answer the query, with thanks.



Please refer to p. 3 of SCN ROE ("Search before you post"). If you have already searched and found some existing posts then include those findings in your question and clarify why exactly the existing posts were not helpful to you. If a question shows no evidence of searching (and no one can know what you've done already if you don't tell us) it is more likely to be reported to the moderators than answered.

Also kindly refrain from referring to the SCN members as "gurus" or "experts". Everyone is equal here and is free to answer (or not) any question posted here. Besides, if anyone calls themselves a "guru" then most certainly they are not.

To the point of this question - it's still not clear what exactly is "change of direction". SAP didn't add any drastically different functionality in SD in the last 10 years, so whatever is available would be already covered online. As Prabhakar correctly noted, additional solutions like APO could have other functionality. But those are not in scope of this tag.


Dear Jelena,

With all due respect, I could not found any related post relevant to my question.

I apologies if some of might written statement preach the term and condition.

Better if any one share the solution if available instead any thing else, with thanks.

I could not found any related post relevant to my question.

To clarify, you went to Google, typed in "delivery from multiple plants" and it found 0 results? That's odd... It finds 4180 results for me... And this one states that alternative location determination is part of APO functionality.