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Jul 30, 2008 at 02:59 AM

vat u do when u find missing indexs as Basis guy.


Hello Gurus,

This question has been asked in an interview, and answer my friend gave

1q) vat u do when u find missing index as Basis guy.?

A) He said he will locate the program table associated with it and let the programmer know about it,

especially if it is a Zprogram

to create an index on this. or if a programmer/ABAPEr creates a ticket for basis basis team will take care.

i know for sure depending on the role ABAER or Basis also create an index.

2q) how do u create index

A) thru se11

3) y not thru oracle database

A) SAP recommends not to touch objects at database leve (select be ok )

After these questions my friend got doubt itseems for obvious reasons.

Please let me know ur comments insights into this. .