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Jul 29, 2008 at 10:26 PM

merged dimensions



I have made a report that is using 2 querys designed this way:

query 1: object 1, indicator1

query 2: object 1, object 2 -->object 7,indicator1

in my repot the object 1 is the object that is merged.

I ve made an object X in the report that uses some objects from query 2.

I ve also made an object Y that uses object X, object and indicator 1 from query 1 but when I design my table , I ve a serious problem.

I have a #datasynch error in all cells .

I ve tried to make a new Dimensions of type information for all the dimesions that are in query 2 but not in query one to resolve this issue.

this idea gives me a better result but not the best: i have many multi values . this returns to that the dimension that is commun to both of he querys is a dimension that have been defined in the universe that Im using and that this dimension is a Grouping of an other company.

any idea?? thank you