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Need help on SAP IS retail training

Mar 05 at 10:07 PM


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I recently got a level-entry job in a small SAP consulting company. So logically, I am completely new to SAP. Since my company (above other) are doing a local retail implementation, as a part of my training program, I got access to a retail Best practice system where I can - well, practice.

The goal is to eventually pass a IS retail certification exam.

My problem is that, while I do have official SAPIRT documentation for training ( irt310, 320 etc..) I do not have the retail IDES system, only the Best practice one.

So, while I completely understand the theory so far (I am currently on IRT320), I am forced to skip exercises since I can't figure anything out, because the data is completely different due to system differences.

So my question is, how can I do exercises provided in SAPIRT documentation, while only having access to SAP best practice system? Is that even possible?

Thank you

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1 Answer

Thomas Jenewein
Mar 09 at 07:44 AM


we have the following training Systems as Part of SAP Live Access



However for SAP Live Access you need to have a user of SAP Learning Hub, where you find all SAP Education learning material. However for anyone new to SAP this is a good thing. Further info here:

If seen right you are located in Slovakia - so you might also contact our local training department for local offerings.

Best regards, Thomas

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Former Member

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for answering.

Actually, I am from Serbia, not Slovakia.

I was actually thinking if there is a table of master data and organizational data for SAP retail best practice anywhere? For example instead of doing exercises in IRT 310,320 etc.. where I need R1TA article, I could do the same exercise only with different article and organizational master data (something that is available in the Best Practice for Retail system, since I don't have IDES). Does that make sense?


Hi Veljko, I am sorry - I do not know more that our systems or the IDES systems... Perhaps you ask local SAP Retail consultants - they might know. We from SAP Education have only those "Live Access" Systems...

best regards, Thomas