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Jul 29, 2008 at 07:02 PM

Formula using results of 2 reports



New to Crystal Reports... I have 2 existing reports, and I want to create a report that calculates a metric, using the results of the 2 reports, linked by the grouping that I used in each.


- Report A from table 1 counts all shipments by date, grouped by month

- Report B from table 2 sums hours of network outage, grouped by month

I want to calculate (sum of hours outage)/(running total of shipments), and display graphically by month

Working with subreports, I have only been able to pass one single value to the main report, not all values by month to do the math

I would imagine this is a pretty simple task, I have done this using other tools, but have not found a simple way in Crystal Reports yet. Any help would be appreciated