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Jul 29, 2008 at 06:08 PM

Memory error while SYSTEM Copy using sapinst


Hi Experts,

I'm trying to do a system copy of portal sp14 from Dev to sanbox. I have exported from Dev and I'm in Sanbox phase 38 of 41 Install Java engine I'm getting following error.

Create SDM directories:

Create SDM home directory:

Directory for SDMHome '/usr/sap/JXD/JC00/SDM/program' doesn't exist yet.

Directory '/usr/sap/JXD/JC00/SDM/program' created

Create SDM root directory:

Directory '/usr/sap/JXD/JC00/SDM/root' created

Extracting packed repository.

Caught OutOfMemoryError


InstallSDM was excecuted with status ERROR.

I thought I could change some heap size or other parameter using configtool, but it looks like it did not create j2ee directory where I could launch configtool.

Is there anyone who has faced this problem or have any idea how to resolve it?

Your answer is really appreciated and important.

Thanks in advance