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SAP UI5 to (.Apk)Android Mobile App

Mar 05 at 11:09 AM


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I was able to render map on my SAP UI5 Desktop app Successfully.

But now i am trying to create apk of it through android studio.

when i try to run the app through android studio on android emulator its shows my application launch page but map is not rendered,instead of map it shows me a blank space.

I am attaching the screenshots for both Desktop & Android Emulataor.

Kindly help me out.


Android Studio Emulator


Rahul Mantoo

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Did you use a Kapsel project to start or SAPUI5. One challenge for Fiori Mobile is you have to have permissions and plugins. See example Kapsel Geo Location. I think there is a Web IDE sample here Web IDE Camera and Geolocation.



HI Kevin,

I have used SAP UI5 Project which i then imported to Android Studio for APK generation, The web web preview of SAP Ui5 app shows google maps but when i run the same app from android studio on emulator its shows me blank space


Just taking a guess, the web preview runs on the browser where the APK runs in Cordova. To access native features, you would need the plugins and code to use them. Did you look at the sample I sent?



Hi Kevin,

Yes, web preview runs on the browser and the apk which is generated from android studio, i try to run it on my samsung phone.

i have all the plugin downloaded and linked to my project, as its running perfectly on browser, the problem i am getting is on the android emulator of Android studio IDE as well as on my samsung phone.

Please help me out if am missing any other plugin to be used to make it run on emulator and device


You could check the logcat, but probably should open an incident.



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1 Answer

Miklos Sebestyen
4 days ago

How do you create .apk with Android studio?

In a WebView or using other plugin?

Have you checked in Chrome Debugger if the map's HTML element loaded in the background or if there is any console log error?

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