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How to add sap.m.MessagePage to sap.ushell.Container.getRenderer("fiori2")


I would like to add a sap.m.MessagePage to return of sap.ushell.Container.getRenderer within a custom plugin for Fiori Launchpad on load. To be able to do so, Im assuming I would need to know what sap.ushell.Container.getRenderer returns and hence have some API documentation on sap.ushell.Container. I took a look to but wasnt able to find any documentation on this class. Seems to be related to

So could somebody tell me where I can find some API documentation on sap.ushell.Container.getRenderer?


kind regards

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    Thank you Kevin, Im also strongly assuming this must be it. Indeed, I didnt understood 2 things in this context:

    1.)a shell instance (sap.ushell.renderers.fiori2.Renderer) within FLP can be provided by use of:

    var oRenderer = sap.ushell.Container.getRenderer("fiori2");<br>

    as far I got it. My entire question what sap.ushell.Container can do besides of getRenderer e.g. is still open, if I did understood it properly

    2.)to be pragmatic on the specific requirement, I dont need to be clear about point 1 to be able to solve it. What Im currently hanging on is: doesnt seems to offer any direct methods for rendering arbitrary content (like desired MessagePage) in the FLP, rather only FLP specific content, like addHeaderItem etc. This unfortunately doesnt helps me on my requirement.

    Meanwhile I have seen the blog by Ido Fischer of how to place a welcome message in FLP:

    I guess I could try to adapt this for FLP on EP, not sure currently if its possible. I would assume I will need to place the xml dialog in the web resources of Portal. Thanks again,

    kind regards

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    Mar 06 at 04:20 PM
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    • Former Member

      Hi Ron,

      thank you very much. Im unfortunately still not clear why getRenderer method isnt descripted there, since due context of use:


      I (old Java tinkerer) have assumed sap.ushell.Container is a regular class and available methods will be descripted there, analogous to JavaDoc e.g. But Im probably missing something fundamental and dont want to bother you with this, but will ask my more SAPUI5 experienced colleagues regarding this topic.

      However, meanwhile I gave up trying to render an instance of sap.m.MessagePage into the shell, since it obviously doesnt offers any direct methods to place arbitrary controls and MessagePage dont offers methods like open() or show() (placeAt() inherited from sap.ui.core.Control didnt worked for me, since shell isnt offering a container, as far I understood).

      I will try to go with sap.m.Dialog resp. sap.ui.core.HTML instead. This seems to work, but Im currently facing some strange problems there. I will open a new thread, because it doesnt have something to do with my entire question.

      Thank you for your friendly support again,

      kind regards