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Updating reversed items FI-CA

Hi, guys!

I need to update some customer fields in BP items in FI-CA document while reversing this document. How to do this with the FI-CA events?

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  • Yes, I looked for events, but didn't find event, where I can change cust.fields of reversed document.

    Tables T_FKKRAP, T_FKKRAP_DETAIL, T_FKKCL are sent to event 0020, but changes in them do not affect anything.

  • solved!

    I looked at events:

    0032 - event is not executed for reversal transactions

    0061 - changes in reversed (T_FKKCL) item do not affect anything

    my first solution - to edit I_FKKCL in upper subroutine (above event 0020), but it is a hardcore :)))

    Second (and final) solution: in event 0020 insert CALL FUNCTION in update task and update dfkkop inside this function.

  • there should be many more events called - maybe 61 or 32 for example.

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