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Jul 29, 2008 at 02:00 PM

Querie regarding standard CRMHHSALES application


Hi All,

I am working on CRMHHSALES application but I am not able to run the application.

1. I have downloaded the standard war file CRMHHSALES.war from service market place

2. I am deploying the CRMHHSALES.war file in MI admin.I am giving the application name same as that of the war file.

3. After converting the .war into .sda format when I am deploying , the status shows as deployed but I am getting error in the trace viewer.

now If I search the application in mobile components I cannot see the application, means it is not deployed.

Can any one throw some light on it. I am not sure that is this some problem with the standard war file or with Mi Admin.

Thanks and regards

Neha Mahanty