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Jul 29, 2008 at 01:46 PM

Session problem



I'm trying to implement some BO's features in a java program. We are using Bo Xi Sp2 R2, with jdk 1.4.2.

Currently, i create a session the first time the user query for a report using openDocument.jsp. I then pass a token String as a parameter to bypass the logon screen.

My problem is that i want to keep the number of open sessions as low as possible. So when the same user request for another document, i want him to use the same session. But i could not find in the sdk a method on the object IEnterpriseSession that allow me to test the session validity.

Could someone help me on this topic ? Maybe i'm doing things the wrong way :

-> Get a session manager

-> Get a session (IEnterpriseSession)

-> Get a default token and pass it on params for openDocument.jsp

-> Try to reuse the opened session if another document is requested.

Thanks by advance.