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Authorizations missing for aggregation in SAP BI Security

Mar 07 at 01:23 PM


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Hello Everyone,

I see a user getting an error saying "Authorizations missing for aggregation (:)"

User has below AA

AA - ABC123

Characteristic - C123 with value 0001

AA - XYZ123

Characteristic - C123 with values 0001, : and #

Both the AA has the same set of Info objects/Characteristics. This means Authorizations will gets union and combined into 1 at runtime check.

Trace file is highlighting AA ABC123 with Characteristic C123 in RED.

From my understanding user has access. Could someone please suggest what might be missing. Thank you.

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2 Answers

Colleen Hebbert
Mar 26 at 07:45 AM

do both AAs have the same restricted characteristics that the multiprovider contains?

Have you run the trace via RSECVAL to see how the AAs are being evaluated for the report?

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From my understanding RSECVAL is a table. I do not see any option to trace from it. May be I am missing something. Please guide if there is any option to trace from RSECVAL. Thank you.


you are right and the fault is with me and a failure to multitask. I meant RSECADMIN and switch on a trace from there to evaluate the Analysis Authorisations. You can also check STAUTHTRACE for your S_RS_COMP authorisations


Okay Thank you Colleen. Issue is with AA and not from general authorizations. :)

Surya Appala Apr 19 at 12:58 AM

Hello Colleen,

Sorry for the late reply.

Both the AA are having same set of Characteristics restricted. But Info Provider is different. I think this is the issue. In order to make union of Analysis Authorizations, both should have same Infoprovider and same set of characteristics. Thank you.



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