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BO Admin can see the Users Password? Is it possible ?

Mar 06 at 12:16 PM


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Hi ,

I am really confused here and I am new to BO and would like to know, is it possible for the BO admin to see the Users Password?

if yes, how is it possible ?

Please let me know, if you have info on this.


Suhas Chowdary

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3 Answers

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Mar 06 at 12:32 PM

It's not possible to see the password.

check attached link for more information.

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Is it possible to see "LDAP/Windows AD/Windows NT" users password ?

Denis Konovalov
Mar 06 at 12:37 PM

No it is not possible. Seeing user passwords would be a security violation.
What gave you the idea that it is possible ?

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My BO team had this kind of discussion and i just want to know, that its possible or not.


but what the confusion is then ?
for confusion there has to be something that says one things and something that says the other.

BOE administrators cannot see any passwords, enterprise/AD/LDAP/SAP.
It is industry default standard that no one can see users passwords.
Breaking that goes against every security principle ever.

Tim Ziemba
Mar 07 at 07:33 PM

As BO admin you can change the password for any enterprise user but it should not be possible to view any of them

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So, bo admin cannot see users password, if user had " Enterprise" authentication ?

And , Admin can see the passwords of the users who are having authentication like " LDAP/Windows AD...etc?


absolutely not, AD and LDAP passwords do not usually pass into BI. for instance when AD SSO is enabled the negotiation occurs on the client machine, the TGS request is sent with the service account, the user logged in, and Ad session created. With manual logon or LDAP the request is sent from the web/app to LDAP/AD and BI is not actually involved in the authentication just the session creation after the response from the external directory.

So unlike BI enterprise users where BI authenticates the job of performing this is done by the external direcotry servers themselves.