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Publish(Scheduling) BO Reports to Office 365

Mar 06 at 12:08 PM


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Good Evening and my requirement is , Publish BO reports to office 365. I tried and goggled about this and got some relevant information.

Currently, I am having shared path URL of Office 365 with me. But, that looks like pretty much different from

I don't understand , how to create UNC path for this URL and I have followed couple of steps from couple of articles as mentioned below.

can any of you guys, please help me in this ?

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1 Answer

Denis Konovalov
Mar 06 at 01:15 PM

You need to start by explaining what does "publish BO reports to Office 365" means.
Without proper understanding of what the requirement is and what pieces are involved, you're not going to know what to do.

Couple things that might help you :
1. BO reports cannot be published to a URL, they can be published to a location/drive/share.
Locations are accessible by UNC path. Use google to find definition of what UNC path is and how it is different from URL path.
2. Office 365 is not a location, it is a product. SharePoint is a server that allows you to host and share information. It is not the same as Office 365.

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Thanks for your quick response Denis and i agree with you.

I am new to this and please find my requirement as mentioned below.

Client Requirement is ..

if you schedule a WEBI (BO) report, then it should be scheduled to a folder( example _ Testing) in the Office 365. For that, i have chosen the below method.

My clients provided office 365 URL (if you click on that URL, you will be able to go to the shared folder "Testing"). I logged into that URL and able to see the shared folder "Testing". till here its good.

Here, as you its not possible to schedule report to any kind of URL (agreed) and its possible that we can schedule to UNC path. For that, we should have Web Client service up and running always. i googled and tried alot to create UNC path based on URL.

Can you please help me or else share me a doc, how to derive UNC path from URL of Office 365?



you need to talk to your client or their Office 365 admins and request the UNC path to location where you can send documents.

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Yes , i am doing this on the other hand. But i need exact steps to connect O365 and schedule BO reports to shared folder in O365.

Are there any specific steps or specific process is there to connect O365 form BO?



you yourself provided the steps - the blog on sharepoint is what you need.
BOE doesn't know what office365 is or what sharepoint is when you're scheduling.
For BOE it is just the location.
Its requirement is simple - user under which BOE processes are running has to have read/write access to this location via UNC path.
Everything else you need to get from O365 admins. Location and how to make BOE access it.