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Jul 29, 2008 at 07:40 AM

UWL picks up wrong work item after escalation step



I am working on a copy of the standard ECC6 Leave Request workflow.

I have added an escalation step to the task "Manager Approval - TS12300097".

I want the initiator to be sent a mail if the appprover has not actioned the request after 24 hours.

I set up a "Latest End" step with the action = "modeled". I called the outcome "Approval Deadline Reached".

In this new branch I inserted a mail step and send a mail to the initiator.

The escalation works fine but when the approver does get around to actioning the request and selects the entry from his UWL he gets the error that he cannot process the step as it is already completed. Further inverstigation revelaed that the UWL is now picking up the Work Item number of the e-mail escalation that was semt to the employee and not picking up the original approval step work item.

So in SWI1 I have the following entries after the Latest End has been reached:

19900195 Background step Approval Deadline Reached

19900194 Dialog step Leave Request From Employee1

19900193 (Sub)workflow ESS Leave Request

When the approver selects the entry in his UWL the workflow tries to process ID 19900195 instead of 19900194.

After he has selected the work item, entered any text and pressed the Review button, on the final screen where he presses the Reject or Approve Request he gets the error "Work item 000001900195 cannot be executed in status COMPLETED".

It's almost as if it just gets the last Work Item ID for the workflow and tries to process it.

Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this?