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Quantity of BoM related components of a variant configured material

Hi all,

After going through the various posts in SDN, I managed to create a material of material type KMAT to drive the relevant components for this material. So, this material is a sales BoM material. In the sales order, I was able to fill in the characteristic value which drives the correct components. However, it seems that the system does not take into account the quantity of the components that I have maintained in the BoM structure (CS01). So, I would like to find out whether the BoM structure is used at all in this case?

What I have done to-date:

1. Created a class VC_BoM with characteristic fields VC_COMP and VC_PRICE.

Characteristic fields VC_COMP has values MAT B and MAT C which represents the components. Multiple values can be selected for this field. This is to allow users to choose which component they want included as component.

Dependency for VC_PRICE has been added to set the variant for pricing.

2. Created a BoM material MAT A with material type KMAT.

3. Created a sales BoM structure using code CS01 (with usage 5) for

MAT A (header)

- MAT B 1 EA

- MAT C 2 EA

4. As part of 3, also created dependencies for MAT B and MAT C, e.g.

For MAT B, created selection condition with code:


Same applied to MAT C.

5. Run VK11 to create variant pricing for value MAT B and MAT C.

When I created the sales order, I entered MAT A and was prompted to maintain the value for char fields. I select both MAT B and MAT C for characteristic field VC_COMP. VC_PRICE reflects the correct value once value for VC_COMP is selected.

When I return to the sales order main screen, I can see MAT B and MAT C appearing as components of MAT A. Item category for MAT A is TAC and for the components is TAE.

Pricing is also reflected correctly on MAT A (which is the total pricing of MAT B and MAT C in step 5).

The only issue I have at the moment is that the quantity of MAT C is still reflecting as 1 EA and not 2 EA.

Can someone please advise whether it is standard behaviour that the system would not take the quantity of the BoM structure into consideration? Or have I missed out some settings which will drive the quantity of the components correctly?

Appreciate any help on the above.



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