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"No current standard cost & Material has a released cost estimate" happend at the same time

Mar 06 at 04:47 AM


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Hi expert,

We write a abap/4 add-on program to remove material current price by BAPI : BAPI_COSTESTIMATE_DELETE_MULTI

When I use MM02 to check the material, the current price still has value in costing2 view. Then I click the "current" button, the system feedback the message "No current standard cost estimate exists for material"

Then I try to re-costing run for this material, the system shows the message "Material in plant has a released cost estimate"

Currently, I can't use MR21 or CK11N/CK40N to change this material current price (because system feedback current price is exist). And I can't use CKR1 delete current price (system feedback No current standard cost). Is there any solution to fix this exception.

Best regards,


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Jürgen L
Mar 06 at 10:35 AM

I would search for OSS notes.

E.g. for the first error this note might deliver a fix: 1386066 - Error in MM03, MM02: standard cost estimate not found

Based on this note you can also check with CK13N whether you can find cost estimates.

There is also a KBA 1530596 - Error CKCC031/CKCC032 in T-code MM03 after running CKR1

which explains an inconsistency and offers a transaction to resolve inconsistencies.

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Former Member

Hi Jürgen,

I tried to follow the NOTE 1530596 - "Resolution". This note can solve my problem.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,