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How can I get the parameter template for CRE reports for Restful Web services?

I have successfully used the Restful web services to get the schedule templates and parameters templates to schedule WEBI reports.
Now we need to use restful web services for crystal reports for enterprise but I can not get the web services to return a parameter template.

For WEBI I can use these urls to return the templates.



For CRE I can use this url to get the schedule template


When I try to get the template from

biprws/infostore/221950/parameters I get the 404 not found error message.

I have tried several variations of the above with no success in retrieving a parameter template. Does anyone know what I am doing


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3 Answers

  • Mar 05, 2018 at 10:39 PM

    Hi Richard,

    If the report has interactive parameters, there is no scheduling API that will allow you to set the values. The values would have to be set in the Default scheduling properties of the report using the CMC, then the report could be scheduled using the Platform scheduling apis, where you are scheduling a generic infoobject, not a Crystal Report object (ie a template with no properties specific to a crystal report).

    If the default values are set in the cmc, then: ../infostore/221950/scheduleForms/now should work.

    The parameter template can be returned when creating a new transient instance of the report:

    GET /infostore/221950/rpt/instance

    Then you populate the interactive parameter values and POST the same URL back.
    This will create a transient instance with data based on the parameter values passed. to change the values, new values can be set on the URL using the oData service URI's

    One other thing that just came to mind that might work for scheduling is to add the crystal report to a publication and see if you can access/set params from there, then schedule the publication. You should be at minimum BI4.2 SP3 for Publication capabilities.


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  • Mar 05, 2018 at 10:29 PM

    Hi Richard,

    see Section 4.6 "Interactive parameters" in this Document:

    SAP Crystal Reports RESTful Web Services Developer Guide

    Note: This only works with reports created in Crystal Reports for Enterprise.

    I hope this will help you


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    Mar 08, 2018 at 10:05 PM

    Thanks guys for your responses. I read more of the Crystal Reports SDK guide about interactive parameters and how you must work with and

    generate transitive instances. I was able to GET a schedule template and POST it the to create a transitive instance but how do I make it show in BILaunch Pad so users have access to it? It seems the SDK is geared towards working with the internals of a crystal report. Not much is mentioned about how to schedule a report. I also tried the Publication route but the schedule template does not contain info about the reports parameters and I can't seem to find the URL to return a parameter template for the publication. I would like to try the method of scheduling as a generic object. Is there any info avaiable about how to do this?

    Our current application in our 3.1 environment uses the .Net SDK components to schedule reports. I did not create it and have no experience with the .Net SDK. Do you guys know if an app developed with the 3.1 version can be ported eaqsily to 4.2 SP4 maybe just updating the references or has the functionality changed and maybe even been deprecated?

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    • Hi Rchard,

      the 3.1 .NET application should port to BI4.2 by upgrading the assemblies and runtime to the correct version. The .net code for Crystal Reports has not changed much between versions except for a few enhancementa/apis that may have been added. This should work for your "classic" crystal reports.

      Crystal Reports for Enterprise reports are a different format and only have the RESTful sdk available, which currently has some limitations. The transient instance is only accessible for the lifetime of the logged on session. You currently cannont modify the report saved in the CMS repository using the RESTful apis.

      what I mean by scheduling a "generic" object is that you could basically right-click on the object and select "Schedule Now" without having to provide any additional infor (ie Parameter values, database logons etc) If you can do that with the report, then it is schedulable with the platform scheduling APIs you were using previously.