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Jul 28, 2008 at 08:12 PM

Generate PDF and Change printer command


Hello All,

Please, I need to generate a PDF file from a spool number, I'm trying to use the function 'CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF', but it isn't working properly.

Somebody has a example code?

I need to change the printer button command and change the command of printer menu, for generate a PDF file directly when the user click in printer button or acess printer menu (Ctrl+P)...

I need to know how to generate this PDF file.

For example, the user generate the report normaly and after that if it clicks on printer button o select printer command on menu, this report will be converted in a PDF file.

Somebody could help me please?

Or somebody has a example code?

Thank you in advance for your colaboration.

Fernando Pena.