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Jul 28, 2008 at 06:33 PM

Order Approvals via WebTools / WebCRM


The questions is in regards to approving Sales Orders or Sales quotes via WebTools and/or Web CRM.

This is a B2B configuration where the u201Ccustomersu201D are remote medical diagnostic centers that place orders for supplies to the corporate office. Supplies can consist of anything from a box of pens to expensive medical heart monitors. The Orders will be converted to Purchase Orders in B1 and then sent to Vendors who will then Drop Ship to the diagnostic centers / customer sites.

Letu2019s stay that a clerical person in a diagnostic center places an order via Webtools for $10,000 worth of stationary, surgical gloves and Q-tips and this is more than the $1,000 he is authorized to purchase. The diagnostic center manager needs to approve the requested order. Since there will be over 100 sites, it is not economically feasible to require each manager to purchase a B1 licenses. Plus, my prospect has the need for a Web UI since these managers are constantly traveling. The better approach is to use WebTools for this process.

I do see an u201COrder Approvalu201D section within Webtools after I log in. Can this server the purpose? Is there a similar function in WebCRM? I can't find the solution via the on-line demos and training videos.

Your asssitance is greatly appreciated.


Neil Swanson

Achieve IT Solutions

New York