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Jul 28, 2008 at 02:49 PM

Strange dump after heterogenous copy SUSE 10SP2 x86_64 DB9.1 fp 3



We received a special AIO (All in One) ECC 6.0 based database independent system copy export directly from SAP. Original installation script is made for MaxDB Linux x86_64 environment and is based on ECC 6.0 SR3 installation master. This export wasn't tested under DB6 but we decided to use this DB as a platform.I've performed system copy using Sapinst tool ERP 6.0 SR3 / Soft Life Cycle options / System Copy / IBM DB2 for Linux Unix and Windows / Target System Instalation / Based on AS ABAP / Central System.

Everything went smoothly without single error and import ended succesfully. On problem was that file DBSIZE.XML was not found under EXPDIR/ABAP/DB/DB6 as expected but under EXPDIR/ABAP/DB/DB2 but inside this xml was line:

table name="tDB6_TABLESPACES_DEFAULT" namespaces="DB6"

so i copied this file into DB6 and import went smoothly.

Everything looks ok database is starting, SAP workprocesses too but when i try to connect using SAP GUI i receive immediate error:


Date and Time 28.07.2008 13:27:39

Short text

Error in internal table in screen

What happened?

The current screen processing action was terminated since a situation

occurred where the application could not continue.

This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program or in the current


Error analysis

The program "SAPMSYST" has terminated.

The following error occurred (short text of cause of error):

"FX099: Wrong fieldtype for CURSOR. Has to be binary/hex type."

The following elements are affected:

Screen name.............. "SAPMSYST"

Screen number............ 0020

This error is connected to the processing of an internal table with the

field or variable "TC_IUSRACL-CURRENT_LINE", and was triggered within in the


Trigger Location of Runtime Error



Row 1.072

Module type (MODULE PBO)

Module Name D020_LOGON_WITH_SNC

when i finally reach the gui logon screen whenever i try to login, sagui disconnects from server.

And fields on gui login screen are fulfilled with underline ____ signs.

DB looks ok i've tried to view some system tables using sql statement with no problems.

There are no errors in work folder workprocesses files.

Do you have any idea what could be wrong ?