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Former Member
Jul 28, 2008 at 02:20 PM

Crystal 2008.NET - Page Orientation BUG



I use VS 2005 UK / CR 2008 UK (C# / ReportDocument / ReportViewer)

When I was using CR 8.5 (uk), I could programmatically change the Page Orientation. That was perfect.

Now that I use CR 2008, and I CAN NO MORE programmatically change the Page Orientation of any report created with CR 2008 (the change have no effect, page is always shown as designed) !!

Except in one case, if I follow the following steps itu2019s then possible to change the page orientation programmatically : Create a blank report with CR 8.5. Save It. Open it with CR 2008, design the report under CR2008 and save it.

(Also I noted that if I create a blank report with CR 8.5, re-open/re-save it in CR 2008 the size is 8.5 K, If I create the blank (or small) report with CR 2008, the size is 46 K.)

NO update/patch/pack for CR 2008 solved the problem.

Does anybody have a solution or workaround to this problem ?